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D-Day Plus 70 and Photo Gallery

Capital Salute: D-Day Plus 70

Click here - SCHAF D-Day Event Photo Gallery:

Capital Salute: a way for your service recollections to be preserved:

Capital Salute, a compendium of D-Day and other WWII recollections submitted by Greater Columbia-area resident veterans who served in WWII, in any branch of service, is being extended. The initiative began with spring with the publication of Capital Salute: D-Day Plus 70. Now the Walker Local History Room (WLHR) at Richland Library has accepted the book into its holdings and will treat it as the nucleus of a receiving initiative. WLHR will serve as a repository for two-dimensional materials (written words and pictures) that represent the WWII service of our local veterans. Of course, the collecting initiative also extends to females who were working or waiting; their recollections also are of vital importance.

Between now and Veterans’ Day 2014, any material that was not collected for, and published in the book – Capital Salute: D-Day Plus 70 – can be added to this repository. Adding it to the WLHR collection will make it available to researchers and others interested in the history of the war, and will assure it can be accessed by future generations.

On Wednesday, November 5, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., volunteer journalists will be on site at the WLHR – third level, Main Branch, Richland Library – to take the accounts of any veterans who prefer being interviewed in person. These accounts will be transcribed and added to the repository, and the Capital Salutes initiative will officially close out on Veterans’ Day – November 11, 2014.  From that date forward, all information collected will be available and searchable.

For your service and recollections, or the verified service and recollections of a loved one to be included, please email words/your account and a WWII-era picture to capitalsaluteddayplus70@gmail.com. In subject line please insert Capital Salute.

You may also mail your written submission to: Richland Library, 1431 Assembly Street, Attention: Walker Local History Room/Capital Salute. Columbia, SC 29201.

Entries, to date, have ranged from one page to about five pages, plus at least one picture. Please begin your submission with:

Your beginning and ending office/rank and date and locations of where you entered service and where you were discharged, along with your name (insert nickname if that is how you were known). Please include your most memorable assignments, where you were stationed, whether you remained in the military, either active duty, Reserves or National Guard, and CURRENT CONTACT INFORMATION: Phone/email:

Submission deadline: November 5, 2014.  Thank you for your service.


WWII veterans’ D-Day recollections sought for booklet

This time 70 years ago, planning for an unprecedented and top secret military build-up was taking place deep within Allies’ command posts. The successful Operation Overlord campaign that began bending Germany into submission and ultimate surrender seared into world minds the date June 6. The beginning of the Allies’ defeat of Nazi Germany set the stage for an anniversary to be observed each year: D-Day. This year is the 70th anniversary of that historic day. Patriotic organizations throughout the Midlands are making plans for a banner civic commemoration.

One initiative in search of participation and information is Capital Salute: D-Day plus 70, a booklet of exactly 70 pages that will capture and protect for posterity area veterans’ recollections of where they were, what they were doing when they learned the Normandy Invasion had begun.

The booklet, to be available as a free download from the website managed by the South Carolina Historic Aviation Foundation (schistoricaviation.org), is being compiled by Rachel Haynie, author of Cornfield to Airfield: A History of Columbia Army Air Base. Dr. John Hammond Moore, author of A History of Columbia and Richland County is serving as executive editor. Moore was a U.S. Navy quartermaster during WWII.

“To pay tribute for their unforgettable bravery and valor, we are seeking concise information from veterans,” said Haynie, managing editor of the patriotic project. “Along with surviving veterans, descendants of deceased veterans who know their parents’ military information are encouraged to submit information as a way of remembering their lost loved ones.”

An intake form has been posted on the SCHAF website. “Basically, what needs to be submitted electronically to CapitalSaluteDDayplus70@gmail.com is: A WWII-era photograph; rank and veteran’s name as of D-Day; where the veteran was serving on D-Day and what his/her job was; how/when s/he learned the invasion had begun; what happened after D-Day (reassigned? part of the liberation of Europe? service in another theatre of war?) and the separation date for service, along with ending rank. According to Haynie, specific recollections are encouraged. “For those submitting information for a deceased veteran, please include their birth and death dates in parentheses,” Haynie said.

She explained that making the booklet free as a download “will enable families to print this off and add in their own pictures and memorabilia, to create a personal document for their families. D-Day is just before Father’s Day; some already have said they plan to make a unique gift of this booklet.”

In addition to military personnel, the booklet also will contain selected vignettes of females’ recollections.

Capital Salute: D-Day Plus Seventy submission form: pdf

Capital Salute: D-Day Plus Seventy submission form: docx