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South Carolina Historic Aviation Foundation celebrates fabled B-25’s 75th birthday

Columbia’s fabled B-25C GF-2 is turning 75, and the South Carolina Historic Aviation Foundation (SCHAF) is celebrating with an Oct. 14 Open House and celebration. Second Saturdays are regular Open House days for SCHAF – 10 am to 1 pm.

According to SCHAF education vice president Ron Shelton, “Our rare artifact came off the assembly line in Inglewood, CA, 75 years ago, had a brief stopover in Kansas City, KS, to take on some military additions, then arrived in Columbia.”

Shelton, who served as science curator as the South Carolina State Museum for several decades, said B-25s were sent to bases throughout the US, and some directly into theaters of war, but Columbia Army Air Base (CAAB) received more than any other base.

“From CAAB, this plane was then assigned to Greenville, and had left Greenville Army Air Base the morning of D-Day, 1944, when the training accident occurred that sent it to the bottom of Lake Greenwood where it stayed for 39 years,” Shelton said.

The legend of that ditching, and the plane’s 1983 recovery, will be among the stories re-told during the birthday celebration.

The event will highlight the involvement of the late Col. Dan Rossman who was in the cockpit June 6, 1944, when the low flying
Mitchell bomber’s propellers touched the surface of Lake Greenwood waters, leading to the often-recounted accident.

“It is unique, a real rarity, for a plane involved in an accident to be reunited with its pilot many years later,” Shelton said. “Dan
Rossman made countless trips to Columbia, over several decades, to reconnect with the plane and to actively support its preservation.”

From Rossman’s first flight in the aircraft to his final trip to Columbia to see the latest progress of its preservation, the former GE engineer was involved for more than 70 years.

“And the citizens of South Carolina have had 75 years of involvement with this plane,” Shelton noted.

Ron Skipper said another highlight of the anniversary event will be a status report on the plane’s restoration. “Volunteers working on the plane have completed the cockpit, and we will be talking up our next goal for the restoration,” Skipper said. The Richland County Conservation Commission has provided significant support for the project.

The Open House and 75th birthday observance will take place at Hamilton-Owens Airport. For more information, visit: schistoricaviation.org.

South Carolina Historic Aviation volunteers who have restored the cockpit of the rare Mitchell B-25, and now
are starting to work on the bomb bay are: Ron Skipper, left, in window; Lucien Lapierre, Katherine Cuddy, and
Niall McLaughlin. Standing: John Chamberlain and David Moxley. Absent when picture made: Joe McDonagh
and Edwin Scott.

Chris Gillam is holding the sign.


Doolittle Raiders and Columbia Army Air Base

Midlands 75th Anniversary Commemorations

February 11 -  South Carolina Historic Aviation Foundation (SCHAF) will host Martin Crouch.

February 25 - First of series of Lake Murray History cruises to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the aviation training over Lake Murray and the Doolittle Raid.

March 29 - 9:45 am, Richard Peterson will present at the Golden Kiwanis (Lourie Center) --Lake Murray/Doolittle history.

March 31 - Columbia Metro Airport 10 am – tour of “Columbia Army Air Base”  -- 11 am – Richard Peterson presentation  --Lake Murray/Doolittle history  --SCHAF Doolittle display, 11am  --tour of “Columbia Army Air Base”

April 6 - 7:30 am  Crooked Creek Park. Rotary Club --Richard Peterson  --Lake Murray and Doolittle History    -- 11 am the Senior Lunch Bunch will have a presentation by Rachel Haynie who will speak about her books: “Stalled,” a novel that begins with the ditching of the Lake Murray B-25, and “Cornfield to Airfield: A History of Columbia Army Air Base.” Randall Shealy, a revered local historian, will discuss Lake Murray history.  SCHAF will have a Doolittle display. 

April 8 - SCHAF Open House   (10 am to 1 pm) --will commemorate the Doolittle Raiders and founding of Columbia Army Air Base.

April 8 - History Day at the South Carolina State Museum (SCSM.) Ron Shelton, SCHAF Board Member and SCSM science curator emeritus will greet visitors at 12:30 pm at the USS Hornet/Doolittle exhibit. 

April 18 - Lourie Center 1940s/Doolittle dance and concert with music by the Capital City Big Band, directed by Dick Goodwin. $10 tickets will be available.  WWII exhibits.
Click here to view more: >

June 2 -  James Scott, the author of “Target Tokyo,” will speak during the SC Confederate Relic Room and History Museum’s Lunch and Learn series.
More info and full story at this web site:

Click here to view more: >

Doolittle Crew of aircraft number 10 included Lt. Horace Crouch (left) of Columbia, SC.

Click here to view related News Story>

Contact - Richard Peterson        

Contact - Rachel Haynie


Hangar Dinner/Dance

On the evening of October 15 SCHAF will conduct a WW2 Era USO style Hangar Dinner/Dance(Luau Theme) at Hamilton-Owens Airport.

Other historic aviation activity including rides on vintage aircraft will occur during October 14 - 16.
See poster/announcements below:

Purchase Tickets by PayPal
$25 or $45 per couple

Hangar Dinner/Dance Tickets





Tuskegee Airmen will be remembered and honored at the July 2016 SCHAF Open House

The regularly scheduled SCHAF monthly Open House (always 2nd Saturday morning of each month) on July 9 (10 am to 1pm) will be in honor of the Tuskegee Airmen.   Special guests at the event will be members of the Spann Watson Chapter of the Tuskegee Airmen organization.   Several members will share thoughts regarding the history of the Tuskegee Airmen and of the organization.  During WWII several sites in South Carolina played a major role in the training operation of the Tuskegees.

Members of the Chapter will also have a cookout at the event  (12 noon for the cookout).

More information will be available on the South Carolina Historic Aviation Foundation Facebook Page closer to the event.

The open house is at the SCHAF hangar(Y-1) at the Hamilton-Owens Airport in Columbia, SC



At the SCHAF open house on Saturday, February 13, 2016

We plan to have members of the family of Horace “Sally” Crouch, who was one of the Doolittle Raiders in 1942. We plan to commemorate the formation of the raiders which took place in February 1942 at Columbia Army Air Base (now Columbia Metro). Jimmy Doolittle came to new Columbia Army Air Base and met with members of the 17th Bomb Group that had set up combat training at the new base with the country's first B-25 Bomber airplanes. At that time 25 crews volunteered and were selected to begin training for flying loaded B-25 Bombers off the deck of an aircraft carrier. Following their mission in April of 1942 they became known as the Doolittle Raiders. At this time only 3 of the original 80 Doolittle Raiders are still living.

Columbia Army Air Base went on (1941-1946) to be the largest B-25 combat training base in the Country.

Also see the ongoing restoration work on our B-25 Bomber.

Open House will be at the SCHAF Hangar(Y-1) at Hamilton-Owens Airport from 10am to 1pm.


SCHAF April Open House

The monthly open house at the SCHAF Hangar will take place on Saturday April 18 from 10 am to 1 pm.  On this occasion we will be remembering the Doolittle Raiders on the anniversary of the Doolittle Raid.  We will also have a WWII parachute demonstration. SCHAF will also be participating in the Eagle Aviation Hawks and Hawgs event which occurs from 9am to 1pm.

The week of April 15, 2015 the US Congress will award the Doolittle Raiders the Congressional Gold Medal. There will be a ceremony commemorating this occasion at the USAF Museum in Dayton on Saturday, April 18 with the two remaining Raiders present for the occasion.

At the SCHAF remembrance, Martin and Lynn Crouch, son of Raider Col. Horace Crouch, will be present to speak about the occasion of the Doolittle Raid Anniversary, reflect about the life and career of Col Crouch and the award of the Congressional Gold Medal.

Now, only David Thatcher(Rt) and Richard Cole(Ctr) remain.  This picture was from 2013 when Edward Saylor was living.


SCHAF March Open House to Observe Women’s History Month

The South Carolina Historic Aviation Foundation (SCHAF) is observing Women’s History Month by hosting a visit from the first African American female in the history of the National Guard to be promoted to general office. Aiken native Dr. Irene Trowell-Harris retired as a Major General in the Air National Guard. She later served as Director of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Center for Women Veterans. She will be at Hamilton-Owens Airport Saturday, March 14 at noon during SCHAF’s regularly-scheduled monthly open house to “inspect” the vintage B-25 bomber the aviation foundation currently is restoring to display standards. She will receive a special greeting from members of the Spann Watson Chapter, Tuskegee Airman. A Tuskegee Airman chapter located in Upstate New York is named for Trowell-Harris. She presently lives and works in Washington DC.

In addition that weekend Bill Rouw with the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum will be in town to assist SCHAF volunteers with the restoration of GF-2.  Bill is the crew chief for the CWHM’s airworthy B-25 and in recent months has provided a wealth of knowledge and assistance to SCHAF.  Anyone who would like come by and learn how they can help in the restoration is welcome.  Volunteers are always needed. Plans are to work on GF-2 that weekend. 

Also present that morning will be Brigadier General Darlene Goff, Director of Joint Staff for the South Carolina National Guard.  General Goff is the SC National Guard’s first female to achieve the rank of General.

And because it’s Women’s History Month we will have ladies dressed as “Rosie the Riveter.”  They will be on hand to talk about the important contribution of women in helping win World War II and defending our freedoms.  

Also there will be a trailer sized realistic flight simulator for young people and other guests to experience.  Word is that the simulator is out of this world.

This is shaping up to be one the best SCHAF open houses ever and we would love to have a good turnout from the membership.  Tell your friends and bring them along and introduce them to the exciting world of aviation history.  Again, that’s Saturday, March 14, 2015 from 10am-1pm at Hangar Y-1 at Hamilton-Owens Airport. Hope to see you there.

Brigadier General Dr. Irene Trowell-Harris, Aiken Native.




Capital Salute: a way for your service recollections to be preserved:

Capital Salute, a compendium of D-Day and other WWII recollections submitted by Greater Columbia-area resident veterans who served in WWII, in any branch of service, is being extended. The initiative began with spring with the publication of Capital Salute: D-Day Plus 70. Now the Walker Local History Room (WLHR) at Richland Library has accepted the book into its holdings and will treat it as the nucleus of a receiving initiative. WLHR will serve as a repository for two-dimensional materials (written words and pictures) that represent the WWII service of our local veterans. Of course, the collecting initiative also extends to females who were working or waiting; their recollections also are of vital importance.

Between now and Veterans’ Day 2014, any material that was not collected for, and published in the book – Capital Salute: D-Day Plus 70 – can be added to this repository. Adding it to the WLHR collection will make it available to researchers and others interested in the history of the war, and will assure it can be accessed by future generations.

On Wednesday, November 5, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., volunteer journalists will be on site at the WLHR – third level, Main Branch, Richland Library – to take the accounts of any veterans who prefer being interviewed in person. These accounts will be transcribed and added to the repository, and the Capital Salutes initiative will officially close out on Veterans’ Day – November 11, 2014.  From that date forward, all information collected will be available and searchable.

For your service and recollections, or the verified service and recollections of a loved one to be included, please email words/your account and a WWII-era picture to capitalsaluteddayplus70@gmail.com. In subject line please insert Capital Salute.

You may also mail your written submission to: Richland Library, 1431 Assembly Street, Attention: Walker Local History Room/Capital Salute. Columbia, SC 29201.

Entries, to date, have ranged from one page to about five pages, plus at least one picture. Please begin your submission with:

Your beginning and ending office/rank and date and locations of where you entered service and where you were discharged, along with your name (insert nickname if that is how you were known). Please include your most memorable assignments, where you were stationed, whether you remained in the military, either active duty, Reserves or National Guard, and CURRENT CONTACT INFORMATION: Phone/email:

Submission deadline: November 5, 2014.  Thank you for your service.




D-Day 70th Anniversary Happenings

Note: Includes a Special D-Day Remembrance at Hamilton-Owens Airport with dinner and 1940s style USO party with live band on June 7 (Free for WWII Veterans).

Contributed by The South Carolina Historic Aviation Foundation.

Click here June 7 D Day Event details:

News that the Normandy Invasion had begun very early the morning of June 6, 1944, reached Columbia and its news outlets later that day, so headlines hailing the pivotal event were dated June 7. On the 70th anniversary of D-Day, news is still reporting about, and being inspired by, service men who were there, or on their way to those impenetrable beaches to do whatever was required to reclaim freedom – for the world.

One group of 22 veterans will return to Normandy where the tide began turning in favor of the Allies. Leading the tour, departing June 1, is Jeanne Palyok, who frequently led her Dreher High School students on tours to France. The retired teacher led a similar patriotic tour for the 40th anniversary of D-Day.

Her travelers for this trip are in their late 80s or early 90s. The attention to detail she has given this journey is commensurate with the finite needs of these who populate the Greatest Generation. Each veteran will be accompanied by another, called a guardian, and some members of Palyok’s family have essential roles to play in anticipating and meeting any needs that may arise on a 10-day trip for such a population.

Recently, WIS-TV hosted a phone bank during which grateful citizens and corporations called in with donations to cover travel costs. The veterans’ trips are being given to them at no cost, as a tribute and thanks for their selfless service seven decades ago.

While this entourage is in Europe, revisiting sites they saw years earlier – places that surely will be seen now from very different perspectives– the Midlands is preparing for several other observances to serve as flash backs to D-Day.

The South Carolina Military Museum will open its new building Saturday, June 7, showcasing new exhibits, displays of vehicles and weaponry, and first looks at recently-acquired collections. That festival, free to the public, runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and more details of that festival can be found at www.scmilitarymuseum.com

Saturday evening, June 7, the South Carolina Historic Aviation Foundation will host a U.S.O-style hangar dance from 6-9 p.m.at Hamilton-Owens Airport. Dick Goodwin and Orchestra will provide the live music for the celebration, Ticket prices include a BBQ dinner. Details can be found at www.schistoricaviation.org.

Early that evening veterans and others whose D-Day recollections have been captured in a 70-page (for the 70th anniversary) booklet will receive their personal copies. Capital Salute: D-Day Plus Seventy has been compiled and edited by Rachel Haynie, with introduction by Ron Shelton. Veteran editor of the booklet, which includes numerous vintage pictures, is Dr. John Hammond Moore. After the veterans receive their copies, there may be copies available for purchase.

To round June’s patriotic observances, Celebrate Freedom Foundation will host its 16th annual Festival and Concert at 7:30 p.m. June 11 at the Koger Center. The South Carolina Philharmonic will perform a musical tribute to U.S. Special Forces – the Green Berets. For more information on this event, visit www.thecelebratefreedomfoundation.org.

Col. James Hare in his WWII P-47 Fighter which was named Wicked Wabbitt.



Monthly Open House of the SC Historic Aviation Foundation.

Saturday, February 08 10:00 AM - 01:00 PM

Special guest and program in February is Mr Ed Colie who will discuss and demonstrate celestial navigation using the navigation sextant.  Ed is an experienced boat captain and a commercial aviation pilot.  He has a remarkable collection of navigation sextants and experience in using them. Celestial navigation was still widely used in WWII aboard aircraft such as SCHAF's B-25.  Visit the SCHAF hangar (Y-1, hangar closest to the Terminal Building).  EAA 242 will also be providing young eagles airplane rides for children this morning.


Open House and Veterans recognition      

Saturday, December 14, 2013 - 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

The South Carolina Historic Aviation Foundation (SCHAF) will have their December Open House on Dec. 14, 10am to 12 noon. We will honor Military Flyer Veterans and have as our special Guest Col. Dan Rossman. He was the WWII trainee pilot who was flying our own B-25C GF-2 the day it was lost in Lake Greenwood. We will meet in the SCHAF hangar, Y-1 (hangar closest to terminal Bldg).


Joint EAA 242 and SCHAF Doolittle Final Toast occasion

Saturday, November 9, 2013 - 5:30 p.m.

Doolittle Raiders' Final Toast Live Video Cast at the SCHAF Hangar Y-1, KCUB(Hamilton-Owens AP) - Sixty seven years ago the Doolittle Raiders got together for their 1st anniversary of their famous raid on Tokyo.  They agreed that they would get together every year thereafter until there were only 2 left and that those 2 men would open the bottle of 1896 Hennessy Very Special Cognac and drink a toast to their fellow Raiders who had all gone west.  There are now 4 and they have decided that they will change the Colonel's charge slightly since they are worried that there might not be 2 left who can get together next year.  This ceremony has always been billed as a private affair, which it will be.  But with modern technology they are going to share this memorable moment with a grateful nation.  The toast will be streamed live from the US Air Force's Dayton Museum.  It is fitting that since the Raiders began their historic flight from Columbia that we should vicariously join them under the wing of SCHAF's B-25 at CUB and also toast those men whose courage altered the course of events that were unfolding in the Pacific and paved the way for the hard fought victory.  Please join the Raiders (via live feed) at Hangar Y-1 at 1800 (6:00pm) under the wing of the B-25 to toast those brave men who ensured that we have the freedom to enjoy & celebrate liberty in the greatest country in the world.


SCHAF will participate in the Southeast Aviation Expo at Greenville Downtown Airport on September 27-28.

Southeast aviation Expo link here: 

and on Facebook here:


South Carolina Historic Aviation Foundation

Open House -- visit the B-25 Bomber at the Curtiss Wright Hangar - 2nd Saturday Each Month 11am - 3pm
Come first to Hangar Y-1, hangar closest to Airport Terminal Building



Event Announcement:

A group of Citizens in the Remembrance of Columbia Army Air Base (CAAB) will conduct a dedication ceremony at the CAAB Flagpole
Plaza (Biloxi Square) on Wednesday May 22 at 5:30 pm.

This ceremony is to show the addition of memorial granite stones that were developed and produced to remember and honor the
more than 230 Army Air Corps service personnel whom lost their lives in aircraft training accidents associated with CAAB from
1942 to 1945. 

This will be the same afternoon that citizens can visit Columbia Metro Airport to welcome home yet another Honor Flight --Memorial
Day Honor Flight.  More details will follow soon.

> see more

> Facebook - Timeline Photos


SCHAF will have displays and information at these upcoming events:

SCHAF will participate and have displays at the Annual Earl Yerrick Aircraft Display at Hamilton-Owens Airport on April 6, 2013
> see more

The Sparkleberry Country Fair, April 27, 2013 > see more

Armies Through Time at Camden, May 3-4, 2013 > see more


SCHAF will participate in the 70th anniversary reunion of the 345th Bomb Group which was founded
at Columbia Army Air base

> see more

> see more


Several SCHAF members and some others assisted Rachel Haynie and Ron Shelton in developing a special exhibit
which is featured in the concourse at Columbia Metropolitan Airport.

The exhibit features the 70th anniversary of the founding of Columbia Army Air Base and the Doolittle Raiders.

Lake Murray resident Ed “Jib” Colie(Lft) and Lake Murray businessman Martin Crouch visit a new exhibit, on view at Columbia Metropolitan Airport, commemorating the 70th anniversary of the opening of former Columbia Army Air Base (CAAB) and also the storied Doolittle Raid. Each contributed items for the display. Crouch’s father, the late Horace “Sally” Crouch, was the only Columbian who flew on the daring mission that gave America a much-needed morale boost early in WWII. Bob Bartlett(Rt) of Irmo also contributed items for the exhibit.

> see more


Announcement of Symposium - August 25, 2012

Symposium to reflect on the life and times of Paul R. Redfern, Columbia's first commercial aviator and airport founder --on the occasion of the 85th anniversary of his most notorious and final flight. Please share with others:

> see more


Earl Yerrick Static Aviation DisplayDate - April 21, 2012
10:00am – 4:00pm

SCHAF will participate in the First Annual Earl Yerrick Static Aviation Display and Open House at Hamilton-Owens Airport on April 21. SCHAF will be remembering and honoring the Doolittle Raiders on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of their historic mission in WWII.

> see more




70th Anniversary Remembrance of Columbia Army Air Base - December 3
11:00AM -- 3:00PM

The SC Historic Aviation Foundation (SCHAF) is producing  a public event to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Columbia Army Air Base (CAAB) and honor the soldiers that trained and worked there (more than 200 trainees and instructors died in aircraft trainng accidents) as well as hundreds families that had workers there and supported the operation in many ways.
Remembering the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor will also be a part of the activities.

Ceremony of Remembrance and Honor for those associated with Columbia Army Air Base and Pearl Harbor  --- 1:00pm

WWII Displays and Activities including a reunion of Columbia Army Air Base Personnel and a WWII Swing Dance
Demonstration Music with a Military Band

Unveiling of Design for a Monument Honoring those who served and those who died at Columbia Army Air Base.

Location: SC Aeronautics Division Hangar at Columbia Metro Airport                                                            
Free and Public Invited -- Family Oriented

Please contact SCHAF if you or a family member or friend had any involvement with CAAB in the 1940s --A reunion
of CAAB personnel and families is being planned for the same day.

Note: Earlier in the week (Nov. 30) there will be a WWII author's event and CAAB exhibit at the Richland County Public Library.

SC Historic Aviation Foundation
More info or contact at:     803.731.3254



June 11-18 Aviation History Week Activities

Aviation history observed in days leading up to Father’s Day weekend

Marking aviation’s 100th anniversary in South Carolina, the South Carolina Historic Aviation Foundation(SCHAF) is observing flight’s first century in the Palmetto State with a family-centered week of activities culminating Father’s Day weekend (note: Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19).

One special guest for the events of June 17-18 will be Jimmy Shannon, co-pilot on the C-47 that extracted from China Gen. Jimmy Doolittle, along with reconnoitered members of his Tokyo Raid crew. Doolittle recruited crews for that historic mission at Columbia Army Air Base (CAAB). Following WWII, Shannon, now a resident of Houston, Tex., had a long and distinguished career as a commercial pilot.

Of special note: dates chosen for this multi-anniversary event coincide with the June 19 date on which Jimmy Doolittle returned to Columbia Army Air Base on a morale  tour, just two months after the Tokyo Raid in which airmen - recruited here - responded to Pearl Harbor with a surprise attack.

Another special guest for the event will be author and memoirist Jonna Doolittle Hoppes who will sign copies of her popular books, Calculated Risk – an intimate look at her famous grandparents – as well as Just Doing Our Jobs, another look at life during the WWII era. Santa Monica Press published both titles.

Friday from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM at the SC State Museum, Pilot Shannon will speak about his WWII experiences and Jonna Hoppes will conduct a book signing. This event is free to the public.

Friday evening Jimmy Doolittle’s granddaughter will be the featured speaker during a 7 p.m. ticketed dinner at The Hall at Senate’s End (320 Senate Street). Hoppes will talk about growing up with revered grandparents, the poignant research process that dredged up long-settled emotions, and her memories of Jimmy and Joe.

Proceeds from the fund-raising dinner will support SCHAF’s initiatives to restore perhaps the state’s largest artifact representing the WWII era, a rare B-25C that ditched into Lake Greenwood on D-Day and remained there for 39 years. SCHAF formed late last year to prevent the Mitchell bomber from being sold to out-of-state interests. More info about this event and tickets are available at the SCHAF phone or email contact at the end of this article or thru the SCHAF web site. Tickets are $50 or $40 for SCHAF members.

According to SCHAF President C. Cantzon Foster II, “This plane represents a time in this state’s history when we were allied together for freedom. We just couldn’t stand by and let it leave South Carolina. It still has stories of history and sacrifice to tell future generations.”

The iconic plane along with a WWII C-47 airplane will be on public view Saturday, June 18 outside the Eagle Aviation Hangar, Hamilton Owens Airport, between 10 a.m. and noon. Shelton noted that informal walks around the planes will be given, “and WWII aviation veterans – some with ties to the Doolittle legacy - will be there to share first-hand accounts and put history into context.”

The morning also will feature a reunion of former Explorer scouts who worked on the B-25s first restoration, in the 1980s. SCHAF archivist Larry Yon, then scout leader of those Explorers, said: “A number of Explorers who worked on that plane were inspired to follow career paths into aviation, so they can speak from experience to today’s young people considering aviation as a vocation.”

A special appearance by flying members of the Carolinas’ chapter of the Ninety-Nines will be another highlight of the morning. SCHAF board member Xen Motsinger explained the Ninety-Nines formed in 1929 for the mutual support and advancement of women pilots.

“The group was named for the 99 – out of 117 female pilots licensed at that time – who attended that first meeting, or expressed interest in being part of the group.” Motzinger, a member of the South Carolina Aviation Hall of Fame, noted Amelia Earhart was a charter member. “She signed the log book at the Curtiss Wright Hangar, right here at Hamilton Owens.”

SCHAF board member Rachel Haynie said, “Participation by the Carolinas Chapter, Ninety-Nines, will broaden the morning’s scope. We hope women, especially young woman and girls interested in aviation will come out and meet these contemporary female aviators.”

Living History static displays also will be a feature of the morning. According to SCHAF treasurer and media coordinator Gary Byrd, “Columbians always respond positively to opportunities for revisiting this era of the state’s history. We look forward to introducing them to the plane and to membership in the organization.” Byrd is a founding member of Twentieth Century South Carolina Volunteers as well as the Palmetto Battalion, both living history organizations. He also is a member of Warbirds Living History Group of EAA Warbirds of America.

Bruce Cotner of Military Timeline Impressions also will have WWII-era memorabilia on view. “Coming out for this free event will be a great way to gear up for Father’s Day,” said Cotner.

Foster said SCHAF will continue this multi-anniversary observance with an early December event. “Besides being Columbia’s 225th anniversary, the 100th year of flight in South Carolina, it’s also the 70th anniversary of CAAB. The base was militarized immediately after Pearl Harbor, and it will be SCHAF’s honor to bring awareness to that aspect of our shared military history.”

For additional information on any South Carolina Historic Aviation Week events, go to www.SCHistoricAviation.org or call 803-731-3254.


Upcoming SCHAF Special Event - June 17-18, 2011

Special SCHAF events featuring Jimmy Doolittle's granddaughter, Jonna Doolittle Hoppes, as well as other WWII pilots whom were affiliated with the Doolittle Raiders.

Will also include attendance by and recognition of other WWII pilots and crewmen.

Return later for more details.


SCHAF Special Event- April 2, 2011

SC Historic Aviation Foundation adds to Honor Flight weekend

South Carolina Historic Aviation Foundation’s rare WWII B–25, in adding a salute to veterans with free Saturday morning, April 2 programming on the weekend of Honor Flight of South Carolina’s tribute, to include a ticketed 2 p.m. concert Sunday, April 3 at the Township Auditorium.

> more 


Jeff Skiles Tour Stop At KCUB - March 26, 2011

EAA Young Eagles Co-Chairman Jeff Skiles, the famed copilot of “The Miracle On The Hudson” flight, will stop in Columbia on March 26, 2011, as part of his tour from Oshkosh, Wisconsin,
to Sun ‘n Fun in Florida.

SCHAF will be displaying the B-25 at the all day event on March 26
and will be giving tours of the B-25 from 9am  to 2pm.

> more from EAA Chapter 242


SCHAF Special Event - February 5th, 2011

Eagle Aviation’s maintenance hangar
Hamilton-Owens Airport
1400 Jim Hamilton Boulevard
Columbia, South Carolina 29205

B-25 pilot returns to set ditching record straight
Doolittle recruited in Columbia early February 1942

South Carolina Historic Aviation Foundation (SCHAF), stewards of a legendary B-25 that ditched into Lake Greenwood more than six decades ago, is bringing back to Columbia the plane’s surviving pilot to re-introduce the Mitchell bomber to its public – the people of South Carolina.

In a series of short, informal tours Saturday, Feb. 5 – at 11 a.m., noon, and 1 p.m. – Col. Dan Rossman, Ret., will set straight the record regarding the plane and its D-Day fate. The iconic aircraft will be on view at Eagle Aviation’s maintenance hangar, Hamilton-Owens Airport.

The date SCHAF chose for this new and prospective members’ orientation is reminiscent of the plane’s place in history.

“Early in February 1942, Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle appeared unannounced at Columbia Army Air Base (now Columbia Metropolitan Airport) to recruit volunteers for a highly secret mission,” said Cantzon Foster, SCHAF president.

“Doolittle held accountable for the mission’s secrecy all the volunteers he signed up at CAAB, but our mission today is no secret. We must preserve this piece of our shared history!” Foster said this first annual meeting of SCHAF will refresh the public’s memory regarding what is at stake.

The raid Doolittle led that April became Chapter One of the B-25’s enduring legacy. The plane became synonymous with Allied victory in all theatres of war in which it served. And CAAB became one of the largest B-25 training centers in the world. The B-25C now under SCHAF’s protection began its service record at CAAB and is believed the last remaining in-tact aircraft from that training fleet.

“The foundation is holding this open meeting to let citizens see the plane, and comprehend why we stepped forward to secure it for what we foresee as its future – as an ambassador for the state’s aviation legacy,” said Foster, a Columbia attorney in general practice.

“To have Col. Rossman as the plane’s spokesman Feb. 5 will give guests an opportunity not only to see the plane but also to meet the pilot tied most closely with its history.” Foster called Rossman “uniquely qualified to set the record straight.”

Rossman’s long-time friend Ron Shelton explained: “On D-Day – June 6, 1944 – Dan was the student pilot occupying the left seat as the plane dipped low above the surface of Lake Greenwood. But it was the instructor pilot who had the controls when the props touched the water, instantly disabling the aircraft.”

According to a long-disputed urban legend, the crew was flying low to check out sunbathers on the banks of Lake Greenwood. Shelton, SCHAF vice president for educational outreach and science curator emeritus of the South Carolina State Museum, said the crew’s assignment that day was to practice low-level passes. Participants in the Feb. 5 event will be able to meet Rossman in person and ask the decorated pilot what really happened.

Chapter 242, Experimental Aircraft Association – Palmetto Sports Aviation, will be grilling hamburgers; donations will be welcome. The event is free; however, participants are being asked to register for their preferred tour time – 11 a.m., noon, or 1 p.m., by emailing SCHAFmemberorientationfeb.5@gmail.com, by calling 803-731-0662, or visiting www.SCHistoricAviation.org


SCHAF Special Event - February 5th, 2011
and National Boy Scout week

Former Explorer kicks off National Boy Scout Week by revisiting
historic plane he worked on in ‘80s

Robert Smith was an Explorer Scout and Airport High School student when he first laid eyes on the fragmented B-25 that went down in history on D-Day, then quickly sank to the bottom of Lake Greenwood.

“Our Post 15 was chosen to work on the recovered plane to begin the cleaning and corrosion-removal processes,” recalled Smith, then post president. “The aircraft’s wings were off, it had no landing gear and no propellers. We felt we were stepping back in time to a part of the state’s history we teenagers were unaware of.”

Smith will be reunited with the iconic Mitchell bomber Saturday, Feb. 5, during a member orientation at Hamilton-Owens Airport hosted by the South Carolina Historic Aviation Foundation. “I hope some others who were in the post will turn out as well,” said Smith, now employed by the South Carolina Department of Corrections. “What a great way this will be to kick off National Boy Scout Week!” (Note: Scout Sunday begins the week, Feb. 6-12.)

One of Smith’s lead advisors during the period his Explorer post assisted with the plane’s early restoration efforts was Larry Yon, then director of maintenance at the in-town airport, now a SCHAF founding board member. “We’ve kept in touch over the years – both advisors and scouts – and when I ran into Larry last week, he told me about SCHAF’s event to commemorate the date Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle came to town to begin recruiting for his secret mission.” (Note: B-25s were flown in the Tokyo Raid.)

A highlight of Saturday’s re-introduction of the plane will be walk-around tours, at 11 a.m., noon, and 1 p.m., led by the student pilot crewing on the plane when it ditched. “In addition to Lt. Col. Dan Rossman, whose hand I’ll enjoy shaking, I hope to talk with Frank Shumpert, one of the lead Midlands Aviation mechanics instrumental in the restoration project.”

Smith, who grew up near Columbia Metropolitan Airport where Columbia Army Air Base was located during WWII, has sustained his interest in aviation – after his Explorer Scout days – by attending military air shows. He now serves in the South Carolina National Guard as staff sergeant.

As post president, Smith came up with the idea for the Explorers to wear flight suits as their uniforms; a special patch differentiated scouts from active pilots. “I still have the patches and, for this event, will transfer them to a current flight suit which I will wear.”

Smith challenged members of former Post 15, later named Explorer Post 214 after the Baa Baa Black Sheep Squadron, to come out Saturday to see the plane SCHAF is gearing up to restore for 21st century South Carolinians.

Former Explorer Post 15 president Robert Smith is looking for others who worked on the B-25 with him: David McCall, Lance Franklin, Jim Rowe, Danny Stanton, Donald Kelly, John Patton III, Bonnie and Michael Gower, Lisa Hulon, Duke Baz, and Brenda Stroud.